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For aestheticians and plastic surgeons
20-21 February 2020
Nice, France
Advantages of this cadaver course:
Unique cadaver course by Dr. Philippe Kestemont, a recognized international expert in plastic surgery and injection cosmetology
Independent practical hands-on led by Dr. Kestemont and leading practitioners
In-depth knowledge explainig how to treat effectively and safely using fillers, threads, botulinum toxins
Training takes place at the modern premises of the Institute of the Face and Neck in Nice, France
Practical skills upgrade on safe non-fixed biomaterial
«Live injections» on patients and treatment planning in a three-dimensional plane (3D correction)
Diploma issued by the Institut Universitaire de la Face et du Cou (Institute of the face and neck) Nice, France

Cécile Winter
  • Head and neck surgeon specialized in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and aesthetic medicine only for the face and neck,
  • Member of the Advanced society of aesthetic and plastic medicine and surgery and member of the Rhinoplasty society of Europe,
  • Practicing specialist in the aesthetic clinic St. George,
  • Lecturer at the University institute of the Face and neck (IUFC) and at the Faculty of medicine in Nice (anatomy and medical-surgical treatment of face and neck
Hervé-Serge Padey
  • Maxillofacial surgeon, specialist in stomatology, implantology, parodontology, oral cosmetics, aesthetic medicine
  • Member of the Association of French Doctors,
  • Member of the Association of Italian Doctors and Surgeons.
Day 1, February 20
Layered facial anatomy. The modern concept of a three-dimensional approach.
Upper third of the face: forehead, glabella and temples
  • Individual anatomy features in different patients
  • The main problems in this area and methods for their elimination
  • Successful methods and injection techniques in this area
  • Danger zones, possible complications and their guaranteed prevention
Middle third of the face: the leading area for aesthetic injection correction
  • Common signs of aging in the middle third of the face (grooves and folds)
  • Anatomical indications for the use of fillers to achieve a lifting effect; safe and successful points and correction techniques
  • Areas of increased attention: techniques and zones where an injection treatment is dangerous
Lower third of the face: an area of gender differences. Neck and decollete
  • individual features of the zone and common signs of aging
  • Knowledge of anatomy as a must for choosing correction methods and predicting the effectiveness of techniques
  • "Pitfalls": howto work safely in this area and which injection points should be avoided
*The program is subject to change
Day 2, February 21
Facial artistry: Dr. Padey's Full Face approach using Apriline dermal fillers
  • Annovative Apriline meso range and its application
  • Apriline dermal fillers rheological properties and safe techniques for Full Face approach
  • Management of complications
Hands-on cadaver practice led by experts
  • Layered facial anatomy. The modern concept of a three-dimensional approach
  • Upgrade of practical skills on safe non-fixed biomaterial. Hands-on practice led by experienced trainers
Trating patients under the supervision of leading practitioners
  • Full Face: modern approaches to the beauty of the upper, middle and lower thirds of the face
  • Demonstration of application of anatomical knowledge to set up a safe and efficiengt program for correction of age- related changes
  • Analysis of technical skills on patients with the master of aesthetic medicine Philippe Kestemon at the Institut Universitaire de la Face et du Cou (Institute of the face and neck).
*The program is subject to change
The terms of participation:
Cost before 01.02.2020: 1 700 € Cost after 01.02.2020: 1 900 €

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